HOA/Condo collections is an integral part of Murrell Law. Pursuing liens and lien foreclosures is not a fun aspect of association operations, but it is a very critical one. In our collections model, when we have a successful collection, the association receives all back-owed assessments, any accrued interest, late fees, and is even reimbursed for every penny paid to our firm.

Board Governance

At Murrell Law we understand the importance of preserving community value, the nuances of Board governance and how the two go hand in hand. With more than 10 years’ experience in representing community associations across the state, our firm is familiar with seemingly small association matters like interpreting governing documents to even more complex matters like elections and disputes.


A common situation facing both homeowner and condominium associations is covenant enforcement, and more specifically, when a covenant has failed to be enforced in the past but the present Board of Directors decides to enforce it moving forward.  It is important to remember that the board has a fiduciary duty to enforce all of the covenants and rules in the community’s governing documents.

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