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Is your HOA or Condo Board looking for an effective and affordable law firm? Look no further than Murrell Law.
For over 10 years Murrell Law has been serving the legal needs of community associations in Nassau, Duval, Clay, St.
Johns and Brevard Counties. Our firm treats all associations as local clients and we do not charge for travel time to
board meetings or court appearances. Here is just a sampling of what we can do for your association and

  • Collection of delinquent assessments using our Full Recovery Model
  • Implementing uniform, efficient and fair covenant practices
  • Document work from simple amendments to complex re-writes
  • Attendance at board meetings when requested
  • Full general counsel service for community associations

One of the major challenges facing HOAs and Condo associations is delinquent assessment payments.
Murrell Law offers a unique Full Recovery Model. When we have a successful collection, the association
receives 100% of the back-owed assessments, interest, late charges, and even a full reimbursement of
every penny paid to our firm. Our services are very cost- effective, we charge $200/hour and most
typical tasks such as statutory notice letters, claims of lien and covenant enforcement letters are done for a 1/2
hour charge. We do not charge a fee for taking on new files or maintaining our collections tracker for your
community, and we pride ourselves on charging our clients only for the ‘bare bones’ legal work, not phone
calls, emails, quick tasks or questions, correspondence with the management companies, etc.

Murrell Law offers all of our clients personal and customized services. We understand that every
association has unique needs depending on the circumstances involved. We don’t rank to the size of your
community; no matter what your needs, big or small, you can expect the same personal attention that we
give to our larger clients. Our office is comprised of only one attorney, founder Sean Murrell, and our
support staff. We are not a large team of lawyers, and the association’s primary point of contact is
always the attorney. You’ll immediately notice a difference between the “big box” law firms and our
boutique service. Take advantage of our free consultation offer for new clients. lsn’t it time you stop
overpaying for sub-par and start getting the time and attention you need for your HOA or Condo

Contact Murrell Law today at (904)624-1474 or info@murrell-law.com and see if we are the right fit for
your community’s needs.

Delinquent Collections

In our collections model the association receives all back-owed assessments, any accrued interest, late fees, and is even reimbursed for every penny paid to our firm.

Board Governance

From issues as small as board member eligibility to complex legal situations likely to head to litigation, we can help counsel and represent the community as far as the situation demands.

Covenant Enforcement

At Murrell Law, we take the time to review all governing documents and we work closely with the Association to establish an enforcement strategy that will yield compliance.

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